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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 403 truthful sordid
All the bedrooms looked the same . It was subsequently a small home through an portion of only 50 percent a square gauge . Interior was a desk, a desk chair, a set of attire, plus some producing resources .
“Yeah, everything’s arranged,” Hao Ren reacted .
Lu Qing was still seated calmly at his table, taking a look at all of them with no emotionally charged imbalances . “The institution have their regulations . There aren’t any guidelines that prohibit college students and instructors jogging to school alongside one another . “
“It’s acceptable!” Xie Yujia smiled comfortably with out a negligible trace of fury or jealousy .
The men lecturers ended up extremely pa.s.sionate relating to beliefs these people were almost planning to slam the desk . Lu Qing was being seated at his table, just exploring the professors calmly . He obviously realized what these male educators were considering .
Hao Ren administered some characteristics basis in the short term ident.i.ty expression, and the selection growth that had secured the space exposed .
Not one person besides the partic.i.p.ants and personnel was allowed within the exam area for the prepared assessment . The elders who was included with the partic.i.p.ants had no preference but to camp out out across the web-site .
The Dragon G.o.d Shrine was based on the Nine Dragon Palace . Though it had not been as big, having the ability to assist its sizing down the middle of the atmosphere was already a terrific success . The appearance of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine already showed off its electrical power, and it also was absolutely nothing to be reckoned with!
The longsword these people were standing on shone happier .
Engagement ring, band, ring… The bell that signaled the conclusion of Fridays rung . Hao Ren put on his rucksack and kept the cla.s.sroom . In four days and nights, he successfully defeated 26 dragon cultivators on the Eastern Sea School . Several were actually at Dui-levels, 12 were actually at Gen-level, and 11 were definitely at Zhen-amount . Hao Rens cla.s.smates ran out the doorstep behind him . Away from the cla.s.sroom was Su Han . She was position there that has a t-s.h.i.+rt who had a little bit boy stamped into it, she also wore a pink sports activities shirt and didnt zip it, and also the discolored baseball limit on the go produced her appear both refres.h.i.+ng and younger looking . Hao Ren noticed Su Han within the doorstep as he went out of the cla.s.sroom . Lets go! Su Han reported lightheartedly while looking at him . Each of the college students about them have been surprised . What is this situation? Su Han going to the cla.s.sroom to decide on Hao Ren up from college . Isnt that what couples do? they thought . Ok! Hao Ren nodded and flung his rucksack onto his back before following Su Han to the staircases . Ma Lina was status beyond your cla.s.sroom door she have also been surprised with this . Provided that Hao Ren and Su Han experienced went downstairs, she understood what experienced took place and shoved an elbow at Xie Yujia . He… he… Its acceptable! Xie Yujia smiled comfortably with no negligible sign of anger or jealousy . Her tolerant visual appeal surprised students away from cla.s.sroom as well . These people were so astonished they can didnt know what to mention . You didnt break-up with Hao Ren, perfect? Ma Lina questioned Xie Yujia . I didnt I still enjoy him, Xie Yujia solved without doubt . She smiled and grabbed Ma Lina with the hands and directed her toward the staircase . Hearing Xie Yujias thoughts, the fellas were so furious that their eyeb.a.l.l.s were almost popping out . How dare him, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Hao Ren! they thinking . Have you been all set? Su Han asked once they came out . Yeah, everythings set, Hao Ren responded . Regardless that he was a modern-day mortal who matured competitive and going to a variety of exams, compet.i.tions, and backrounds, coming into the Dragon G.o.d Shrines tests was actually a primary for Hao Ren . Carrying a back pack and walking your institution gate with the location suns gentle dimming to them, Hao Ren observed like he was obviously a college student on the history when individuals had to visit the Funds to adopt exams that determined their destiny . The battles in the last couple of days had greater Hao Rens fight knowledge hugely . Even so, the reality was that the genuine professional dragon cultivators werent for the Eastern Seas School these people were the longer term successors with their clan, along with the elders preserved them back at your home . Fighting the ones that werent the most powerful involving his generation provided Hao Ren a chance to warm-up . Su Han recognized what Hao Rens capacity was like, so she was certain he wouldnt drop very easily . She was actually quite pleased with his functionality . In fact, if Hao Ren couldnt even pa.s.s the difficulties in class, there seemed to be absolutely no way that he or she would pa.s.s the Dragon G.o.d Shrines examinations . As Su Han investigated Hao Ren who has been using a very thin polo s.h.i.+rt and prolonged sweatpants, she had higher expectations of him . Could be, this kid can certainly make it to the highest about three? Su Han confidentially idea . The two went out from the institution . They needed a taxi cab which was pa.s.sing out by and slowly faded through the stares of the masses back in school . In Lu Qings office, there were clearly a few young male teachers . They appeared angry and exclaimed, Vice, precisely what is this? Ms . Su is very in close proximity to each student this can have got a bad affect on the colleges standing! Vice, you really should obstruct this . The college cant be this way! Ms . Su consistantly improves limelight on the university, and her condescending att.i.tude is unsatisfactory! An educator should react for instance a educator . I believe that pupil should also be reprimanded! Fairly recently, a lot of guy pupils pushed him privately, and women are actually speaking about him . Isnt this enough research that all the scholars during the institution are unpleased with him? Vice, you will need to avoid defending Su Han and therefore Hao Ren . The male teachers were extremely pa.s.sionate with regards to their beliefs people were almost going to slam the kitchen table . Lu Qing was seated at his desk, just exploring the educators calmly . He obviously understood what these male professors were wondering . The men learners all a grind on Su Han, so does these males school teachers . These masculine educators aimed to strategy Su Han either obviously or confidentially . Even so, Su Han didnt care and attention to worry using them and didnt even keep in mind their leaders! Now, Su Han was always using a men university student . How could this stop a big blow to their own ego? I wont interfere this time, Lu Qing said calmly, proclaiming his position around the predicament . All of the men lecturers have been astonished and have been on the verge of explode . Vice, how will you not do anything? Lu Qing was still relaxing calmly at his workdesk, considering them no psychological variances . The college has its own procedures . There arent any regulations that prohibit individuals and instructors jogging to education with each other . What… The males educators looked at one another and have been utterly speechless . Does the college have policies on whether an educator can walk household from college as well as a university student? Eh… the male educators were actually once more speechless . Lu Qing leaned forward a bit and expected, Until you fellas say that Su Han and Hao Ren are relationship? One time he stated this, the men instructors facial looks switched bright red they couldnt say another word . Su Han and Hao Ren appeared to possess a shut down relations.h.i.+p, but it really was highly not going they were internet dating . Also, the males teachers were definitely reluctant to believe because motion and didnt would like to disclose that Su Han was not obtainable . What other inquiries do you really folks have? Lu Qing mentioned within a poor quickness almost like he ended up pondering them . Vice, even when theres no problem about Ms . Su, but that college student! We cant just let that learner from the connect! A males teacher suddenly suggested, He often skips classes . According to school laws, that need to be an offense . We ought to at least provide him a stern warning! Certainly! Sure! Certainly! Theres no problem with Ms . Su, although the undergraduate needs to be penalized! The other male coach unanimously concurred because of this opinion . Lu Qing place on a direct face and didnt say everything . Vice Lu, when you cant manage this matter, nicely go locate the! Soon after discovering Lu Qings indifferent att.i.tude, the males school teachers has become definitive . Lu Qing was only the Vice, and in addition to him was the . Hao Ren have my agreement ahead of time . If you have questions, you can actually go seek the advice of the, Lu Qing claimed . Allows go! Enables go obtain the! With this present occasion, all the male professors were actually hotheaded . They werent scared of bad Lu Qing anymore and gone straight to the Princ.i.p.als business . 30 seconds afterwards, a roar was read from the princ.i.p.als business office . What on this planet do you consider you people do? Hao Ren is Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yangs son! If we make a really serious cautioning to Hao Zhonghuas kid, what do you think the outcomes are? Do you find yourself men prepared to consider the commitments? There was definite silence to obtain a divide next during the Princ.i.p.als place of work . Then, the males instructors quickly ran out from the company . In the mean time, Hao Ren and Su Han were definitely inside of a taxi . They went along to a smaller park your car several kilometers away from education . Absolutely everyone approximately them used to be again jealous of Hao Ren when he driven Su Han on the ticket windows and purchased two entry seat tickets for the park . It was actually very peaceful on the area, yet they was without time and energy to amble around . They quickly uncovered a silent area where no one was all over, and Su Han had taken out her White colored Jade Sword and made a reddish colored power sphere . Then, she utilized her ability to hold them up great into the atmosphere . They had been heading on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Because they flew greater and better, the appearance of Eastern side Water Location became small and small . After they were actually above tiers of clouds, Su Han maximized their velocity! On Su Hans midsection put up a s.h.i.+ny expression . Which had been the icon of any recognized inspector, without any makes dared to prevent them! Perhaps you have memorized all things in the manual? Su Han motivated to validate . Su Hans head of hair fluttered inside the air flow because they ongoing ascending, and she searched attractive out of this direction . Ive memorized everything, Hao Ren explained . To commit to memory that ultra solid manual, he possessed drawn several sequential all-nighters . His head was approximately to explode with all the information which has been crammed in . In fact, even Su Han couldnt bear in mind everything . I really hope you will not dissatisfy me, Su Han mentioned calmly . Hao Ren withstood behind Su Han and smelled the odor of her head of hair it had been new and sugary . He was a bit touched with what Su Han explained . However Su Han didnt display any sensations, he realized that Su Han possessed substantial objectives of him . Unwell try my ideal, Hao Ren stated decisively . All right . Su Han slightly nodded . The longsword they were standing on shone happier . They flew to get a entire hour or so, and then Hao Ren found a sizable platform during the heavens from afar! Throughout the system ended up a number of other cultivators who have been flying at full speed toward it . People were cultivators who came to partic.i.p.consumed during the general examinations on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine! The entire program permit out a dim reddish mild it was subsequently enveloped within an electricity sphere! During this season, across the Dragon Watercraft Celebration, the Dragon G.o.d Shrine can have the tests for three time . Only on these 3 days will the Dragon G.o.d Shrine be open to the general public . Typically, merely the official inspectors who carry tokens can enter . Of course, they sometimes restore criminals, and are generally brought in as well . If not, no one else can type in . Su Han discovered that Hao Ren was slightly shocked, so she revealed to him . So, the Dragon G.o.d Shrine even offers a prison? Hao Ren questioned . Dragon cultivators who fully committed criminal acts are locked inside the Heavenly Prison right here . Every one of the four seas dragon palaces get their personal prisons, Su Han reported . The prison within the East Seashore Dragon Palace is one of the An ice pack Palace, Hao Ren believed to himself . When they talked, they emerged in the system with Su Han employing her very long sword to keep Hao Ren together . Hao Ren appeared all around . There was lines of little places lined up, there were probably countless them! In the core was a tremendous black palace, and around it had been countless large-range fight arenas! The program which was drifting abundant in the sky guaranteed a large number of areas, many challenge arenas, along with an great palace . You think this seems as if the Nine Dragon Palace? Su Han inquired Hao Ren . A little bit… Hao Ren claimed . In case the Nine Dragon Palace were definitely an excellent town, then your Dragon G.o.d Shrine was really a compact area . In the Nine Dragon Palace, there was mountain range, lakes, deserted constructing, and towers that arrived at the atmosphere . On the other hand, the Dragon G.o.d Shrine was an enormous program which had a range of bedrooms, combat arenas, and also a ma.s.sive palace with hundreds and hundreds of compact rooms . The Dragon G.o.d Shrine was built based on the Nine Dragon Palace . Having said that, we dont have that variety of capability to help and support a software as large as the Nine Dragon Palace . It is all we will do, Su Han reported . Hao Ren was still left speechless . The huge palace was obviously a famous site in the Nine Dragon Palace, and it also was the ancestral property of all the five-elemental dragon clans . The Dragon G.o.d Shrine was according to the Nine Dragon Palace . Although it was not as large, to be able to help and support its measurement during the atmosphere was already a fantastic achievement . The eyesight of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine already proved off its ability, and it also was absolutely nothing to be reckoned with! Enables not delay . You should only have some time to prepare . Su Han slowly descended and landed for the base . The composed examination commences tonight . Heres your temporary ident.i.ty token I bought it for you personally beforehand . Your room quantity is Ren Yin 246 . One time youve located any room, do not amble approximately because thats not permitted . Depending on Su Hans personality, she wouldnt utter an added word . Having said that, this time around when she needed Hao Ren towards the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, she explained everything Hao Ren should know about at length in dreams that he or she would succeed . From her band, she took out a yellowish hardwood expression and provided it to Hao Ren . Hao Ren searched down and observed Ren Yin 246 carved on it . It didnt look exclusive in any respect . I have to go statement at the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, then i do not have enough time to consider you all around . Go discover your room and relaxation . There should be a group of garments as part of your space and go transformation into them . Remember to put your non permanent ident.i.ty expression from your midsection . Following 11 today, anybody that hasnt wear the geared up clothing or ident.i.ty expression will likely be destroyed to be a trespa.s.ser . Su Han eventually left those words and phrases with him and went toward the dark colored palace along with her very long sword . Hao Ren was really a little bit freaked out by how Su Han uttered the word wipe out . On the Dragon G.o.d Shrines territory, it was actually better to not hop on a bad aspect of your terrifying established inspectors . Among the rows of rooms, smaller paths interconnected them . The paths ended up crafted from blue colored stones . The wall structure ended up greyish, and the rooftops experienced black colored tiles . The full area gifted off a bizarre classic town sensation .   Over the filter routes, partic.i.p.ants were definitely rus.h.i.+ng by means of . There were clearly some who wore current design and style apparel and some wore lightweight-pigmented bed linen clothes . There have been both males and females, as well as the fast paced pa.s.sersby plus the thin avenues jointly developed a peculiar yet interesting image . Hao Ren was helped bring listed here by Su Han, so he didnt will need to go get his non permanent ident.i.ty toke . However for the majority of the other cultivators right here, they had to travel obtain the tokens on their own . No one except for the partic.i.p.ants and personnel was permitted inside the testing spot for those composed examination . The senior citizens who came with the partic.i.p.ants experienced no preference but to camp out round the web-site . For this particular test, whichever clan the partic.i.p.ants originated in or what position they had, these folks were all frequent partic.i.p.ants .   Ren Yin 243, Ren Yin 244, Ren Yin 245… Lastly . Hao Ren implemented the volumes last but not least found his personal place . Most of the bedrooms appeared precisely the same . It was a small home with an area of only 1 / 2 a sq . gauge . Within was a dining room table, a desk chair, some clothing, and a few creating instruments . Hao Ren administered some character fact into your momentary ident.i.ty expression, and also the collection development which had secured the surrounding exposed . The number of apparel ready was actually a prolonged lightweight light brown robe . Nevertheless, compared with the garments the other partic.i.p.ants he saw in the roads wore, Hao Rens experienced two tiny sterling silver dragons stitched over the shoulder muscles .
Throughout the system were actually many other cultivators who were soaring at 100 % velocity toward it . These were cultivators who stumbled on partic.i.p.consumed within the general examinations on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine!
“A teacher should react for instance a mentor . I think that college student ought to be reprimanded! Just lately, many males pupils pushed him privately, and females have already been writing about him . Isn’t this enough data that students from the college are unpleased with him?”
“Dragon cultivators who determined offences are locked in the Incredible Prison right here . All of the four ocean dragon palaces have their own very own prisons,” Su Han claimed .
Each of the masculine lecturers had been astonished and ended up planning to explode . “Vice, how will you not do anything whatsoever?”
“How many other issues should you males have?” Lu Qing claimed in a gradual rate almost like he were definitely pondering them .
The Dragon G.o.d Shrine was according to the Nine Dragon Palace . While it was not as huge, being able to help its size in the middle of the skies was already a fantastic accomplishment . The view on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine already showed off its potential, and yes it was absolutely nothing to be reckoned with!
These people were heading towards Dragon G.o.d Shrine .
Hao Ren was a little freaked out by how Su Han uttered the phrase ‘kill’ . For the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s territory, it was best to not get on an unacceptable side on the horrifying official inspectors .
Hao Ren looked around . There had been series of little bedrooms arranged, and there were probably countless them!
The men teachers were actually extremely pa.s.sionate with regards to their views these people were almost getting ready to slam the kitchen table . Lu Qing was sitting down at his table, just studying the school teachers calmly . He obviously comprehended what these masculine professors had been thinking .
Hao Ren endured behind Su Han and smelled the aroma of her your hair it was unique and sugary . He was really a little bit touched with what Su Han explained .
Struggling the ones that weren’t the strongest amongst his development brought Hao Ren the opportunity to warm up .
“Will you be good to go?” Su Han required after they arrived .
“The Dragon G.o.d Shrine was designed depending on the Nine Dragon Palace . Having said that, we don’t obtain that variety of capacity to help and support a system as huge as the Nine Dragon Palace . It is all we could do,” Su Han mentioned .
“It’s alright!” Xie Yujia smiled comfortably without having a negligible touch of anger or jealousy .
Hao Ren checked down and discovered ‘Ren Yin 246’ etched in it . It didn’t appear particular whatsoever .
Su Han’s locks fluttered on the air flow since they carried on ascending, and she searched stunning from this perspective .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
“It’s alright!” Xie Yujia smiled comfortably without a minor trace of rage or jealousy .
Seeing and hearing Xie Yujia’s terms, the folks ended up so mad their eyeb.a.l.l.s had been almost popping out . “How dare him, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Hao Ren!” they thought .
In fact, if Hao Ren couldn’t even pa.s.s the challenges at school, there was clearly no chance he would pa.s.s the Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s tests .
Now, Su Han was always with a males university student . How could this never be a huge blow with their ego?
“Let’s not hang around . You should only have time to prepare . ” Su Han slowly descended and landed around the foundation .

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