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The Legend of Futian

NovelThe Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian
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Even though they were not in immediate trouble, the race was on behind the scenes. These folks were competitive to check out who could decipher the Deity Chart initial.
As well, he took out something. His will seeped into it, and then he recorded a message on the piece. It absolutely was a treasure utilized for connection. Daoist Monk Mu used it to connect with Ye Futian. He explained to Ye Futian what possessed taken place here and questioned him to be on his defense.
In the part from the huge and countless West Water, there are numerous isles. The many islands had been barren along with no signs of humans ever landing about them. The Worldly Divine Qi in this field seemed to be absent and was extremely slim. It was extremely unsuitable for farming. Even demonic beasts from the sea failed to desire to make their houses close to this area.
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Ye Futian replied, “I ought to issues the cultivators of To the west Imperial Palace to function more difficult. Li Qingfeng as well as the other individuals do not have the real Deity Map, in case they discover the venue, points will become harder for many people. You will see a fight across the treasures. Once we can understand the spot before them, then we can grab the lessons instantly.”
Despite the fact that Jiuyi City was not in the legal system of Western Imperial Palace, the palace acquired spies during the town.
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Section 2528: Celestial Mountain peak Underneath the Seas
Li Qingfeng probably have observed the location branded for the Deity Guide. That could be why he required on the sky and eventually left in a big hurry.
Li Qingfeng could have located the area branded in the Deity Map. That might be why he took to your atmosphere and still left in a rush.
“Let’s go.”
Immediately after their team remaining, cultivators kept traversing the skies from several guidelines close to Jiuyi Community and going after them at very high rates of speed.
Ye Futian glanced about with the setting. His spiritual will enveloped this part of the water. A strange look flashed recent within his view when he mentioned, “This vicinity actually appears to be so typical. The Worldly Faith based Qi here is really thin, and then there are no traces of individuals around. No wonder no one discovered this area.”
Ye Futian’s crew gently viewed as this miraculous world experienced out. The ocean was boiling hot. The divine flames launched coming from the Deity Map landed on the surrounding destinations and set up them ablaze. Even some small islands that had been lost on the pa.s.sage of your energy also came out as destinations of flame.
For that reason, replicates on the Deity Chart grew to be easily accessible in Jiuyi Community. The replicates were actually distributed approximately swiftly, and all things considered, everybody enjoyed a copy with the guide.
Xi Chiyao checked up at the projection from the sea found for the Deity Map as her cardiovascular system trembled marginally. This projection actually coordinated the spot of your seas before their eyes. The only big difference was the fact that isles for the map had been like enchanted island destinations, however they made an appearance extremely ordinary actually.
Ye Futian nodded and mentioned you can forget.
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He glanced at Xi Chiyao. She nodded somewhat at him. Ye Futian failed to say nowadays. He took out the true Deity Road map, and his religious will seeped with it. The Deity Road map instantly released a shiny gentle, and a projection of an area with the sea shown up.
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“Li Qingfeng took everything I had. I will only search for the Breeze Pavilion for reimburs.e.m.e.nt. Apologies to the offense,” stated Daoist Monk Mu.

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Voices of discussion rose from all of close to. Daoist Monk Mu soundlessly heard this. He then searched up for the atmosphere and mumbled, “It is actually time.”
“Let’s go.”
Precisely why Li Qingfeng as well as the top energies could understand the spot so fast was not as their alliances got much better resources than West Imperial Palace. Instead, it turned out because Li Qingfeng had been mastering the Deity Guide just before it absolutely was produced seen to other individuals. He acquired already manufactured excellent advance while seeking for your exact spot related towards the indicate tagged on the road map.
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At that moment, a small grouping of people today appeared in this region. Their religious wills enveloped the domain, but they still could not detect nearly anything out of the ordinary.
Ye Futian s.h.i.+fted his feelings, as well as Deity Map quickly expanded frenziedly. It impeded your sun and taken care of this element of the water.
Countless people in Jiuyi Area realized that silhouettes took for the skies and left the Wind Pavilion. The cultivators turned into beams of flowing lighting.
Although they have been not in direct conflict, the competition was on behind the curtain. These folks were contending to check out who could understand the Deity Guide primary.
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It was Daoist Monk Mu!
Whilst they had been not in immediate struggle, the race was on behind the scenes. These folks were competing to see who could understand the Deity Guide very first.
Voices of discussion rose from all of the all over. Daoist Monk Mu quietly listened to everything. He then looked up at the sky and mumbled, “It is virtually time.”
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Even though Jiuyi City had not been within the legal system of To the west Imperial Palace, the palace got spies during the location.
“Who are they? And where are they moving?” a person questioned.
Ye Futian without delay got up, and the a couple of them needed towards the skies. They established off without having doubt. Then, silhouettes flew up a single soon after an additional and put into practice them.
Ye Futian as well as the others retreated up. The mountain carried on to rise. From within the ocean, a celestial mountain peak increased up!

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